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The Perceptions of Others


Introverted leaders reported that they struggled with other peoples’ perceptions of their character and skills.

Common misperceptions or limiting perceptions included:

  • being fragile and in need of support
  • not being leadership material
  • being indecisive
  • not fitting the image of the typical leader
  • being remote, distant or difficult to approach
  • being shy
  • being too laid back
  • not being sufficiently gregarious
  • not having an opinion
  • being too sensible, serious
  • taking too long to think about things
  • being too conceptual or ‘academic’
  • having insufficient drive
  • being unsympathetic.

Other have noted that:

  • the tendency to ‘freeze’ in conflict situations can create a perception that introverted leaders are weak or uncaring
  • creating positive first impressions can be particularly challenging as the culture may require one-off spontaneous likeability
  • for those introverted leaders who ‘act extrovert’, the mismatch between this and their ‘authentic’ behaviour can be disconcerting to colleagues.