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Self Perception


Many introverted leaders only became explicitly aware of their introversion through taking personality tests such as Myers Briggs -
and sometimes only on the second or subsequent attempt at that. Even then, they did not necessarily use the information to develop a better understanding of their introversion. As a consequence, some introverted leaders did not develop a significant degree of selfawareness of their introversion until relatively late in their careers.

  • early in their careers, some introverted leaders think that they should behave more like the extroverts around them who appear to be demonstrating more ‘valued’ behaviours: this can create a sense of failure that they are ‘not as good as’ the extroverts

  • introverted leaders’ own self-confidence can be affected by extroverts who seem to be a lot more confident

  • adopting extroverted behaviours is a route that you can choose and may be useful at times, but it comes with a high energy cost and may not bring out your best skills

  • trying to be extrovert sometimes and behaving more naturally at other times can be confusing for colleagues who may perceive this to be inconsistent and/or inauthentic.